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painful epididymal cyst

Answered by a doctor

I was diagnosed with a very painful cyst under my left testical nearly 7 years ago. It was identified via ultra sound and for the first few months it was nearly debilitating. I was treated with antibiotics and pain killers (hrdrocodone/oxycodone). Throughout the past 7 years I have flare ups...

by User avatar kimbilly09135659

Lump on Testicle During Erection

Answered by a doctor

I have this problem when I get an erection.The bottom of my left testicle has what feels to be a lump or a hard bit.Now when I don't have an erection it isn't there.I have been to see my family doctor and twice he has checked and says he doesn't feel anything. He says it isn't something I...

by User avatar cmagus39828

Pimple or bump on ball sack.

Answered by a doctor

I had a quick question. I have notice a couple of bumps on my balls sack. Dont know the proper way to say that so sorry. So i tried to pop it and it woulndt pop. then finally after 2 weeks it got a little bigger with like a white head. So i sqeezed really really hard and it finally poped. But it...

by User avatar healthydesigner

it looks like my left testicle is separated into pieces, but the right one is perfectly oval

When I touched my left testicle it seems like it is in 3-4 pieces but my right one is perfectly oval. What should I do

by User avatar Guest

what kind of a medical condition can Jelly Semen indicate?

I noticed Since a while that my semen has some jelly lumps I worried some but I read some articles that it's normal but today I noticed that all of my semen is jelly lumps exactly all of it I'm worried specially I'm still 18 years old. Is it dangerous or means that I have some kind of medical...

by User avatar flip blizzard

i have a yellow jelly like balls in my semen when i cum..

Answered by a doctor

what is it?, is it an std? anyone relate

by User avatar Guest

i'm 59 and lost all of my sperm. why don't I have any more semen?

i am 59 is it normal to have no sperm come out when having sex

by User avatar Guest

Is this only a Appendix testis??

Answered by a doctor

I'm 20year old, pure Asian and while taking a shower tonight I found two small lumps on my testicle. One on each one. With it I also found massive vein like which I believe to be normal. The lump, is rather soft on touch but when try to hold it, it proved to be quite hard. It also stationed on the...

by User avatar schiffer74538

Cuts on the scrotum?? How do you stop the bleeding?

How do you stop the bleeding? When you Knick your scrotum??

by User avatar Guest

Varicocelectomy/ still have swollen veins 6 days.

Answered by a doctor

Hi, before the varicocelectomy, the veins were swollen pretty large but not that bad. Since the surgery the veins seem sort of softer but still enlarged! Actually, it seems like there is more veins swollen, and they seem softer, AND the left testicle where the varicocele was/is, is sagging even...

by User avatar Guest