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twitch between the scrotum and the anus...

Answered by a doctor

Ok, When I sit and sometimes when I lie down, the area right behind my scrotum starts to twitch, just like your eye may twitch at times. It has been going on for a week now usually at night. This concerns me as I recently found that I am diabetic and my dad just died of cancer. Now that my health...

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pain left testicle

strange pain in left testicle cant see or feel any lumps

by User avatar blended glass

Pain in the left testicle.

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I'm 17 years old, And i've been having a strange pain in my left testicle. I've went to the hospital 2 times for this pain [and its not terrible pain, just this annoying feeling like someones poking it constantly, but now it has been getting a bit bad..the pain that is] , and they checked for...

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white spots around scrotum, specifically on the inner thigh

Im currently 18. A couple days ago i noticed white spots around my scrotum, specifically on the inner thigh (as if the pigments have lost their color). Also in the inner thigh I have profuse sweating, intense itching, bad smell and a forming rash. whats happening to me? I did a little...

by User avatar n_jask

Do i have three testicles or what??

Answered by a doctor

i have 2 balls but the left one has one thats about half the size of it attached to hasnt changed size at all in over 4 years and ive had physicals done and the doctor never said anything so whats the deal?? im kinda frekaing out about it

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Soft and Squishy Testicle

I'm 23 and recently I noticed that my right testicle seemed to be smaller, and noticeably softer and squishier than my left. Now, I haven't been oblivious to my testicles for the last 20 or so years, but to my recollection I have never noticed this before. I guess it is possible that it has always...

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My right testicle hurts

I know this issue has been discussed before but I would be very glad if you help me. I joined this forum just for this particular question but I guess it is very important to care about your health... So anyway, yesterday my right testicle started to hurt. It happen all of the sudden and today I...

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Sticky skin on scrotum after washing.

Answered by a doctor

Everytime i wash in the shower, i get very sticky skin between my thighs and on my genitals. I have to talc straight away to relieve this. The skin is slightly red and has led to stretch marks. its also quite itchy. its been going on for a few years now and ive tried anti fungal creams to no avail.

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Testical pain

My testicals, are feeling quite warm and ive got a little discomfort around that area, ive not had sex in about 4 years. Any ideas what it could be? Please help

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My daughter has Nutcracker Syndrome

Answered by a doctor

My daughter has Nutcracker Syndrome. She was diagnosed in April 2009 after over a year and a half of trying to figure out what was wrong. We finally went to Mayo Clinic and she was diagnosed there. She had surgery, which is left renal vein transposition, where her symptoms resolved for about two...

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