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can testicular microlithiasis affect future sex life in adult males?

Can testicular microtheliasis cause any problem in sex life?? iam 18yr old& worring about it

by User avatar Guest

Found a small pinhead size lump on my testicle

Answered by a doctor

So I felt some pain in my right testicle on Tuesday, it soon disappeared. Then last night (Friday) it was feeling a bit painful again after ejaculating, which hasn't happened before. Since it was only the right testicle I had a quick check (even got a warm shower) and felt a small lump about...

by User avatar Inbetweener183724

Scrotum burning/tingling sensation. it has continued around and bellow my scrotum

Hello. I’m an 18 year old male. I regularly have unprotected sex with my girlfriend, who I’ve been with for 3 years. About 2 weeks ago my scrotum developed a burning/tingling sensation, particularly when sitting down and was really red and dry. I immediately went to my local GP, got screened for...

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Me having snip and getting my other pregnant. Can I sue?

So I have had snip and moved on in life with the love of my life, she's got two children in her life and I have 6 and we didn't want kids anyways as we have talked about all this as I would felt I would of let her down with I.e the snip. So some time around last Christmas she had a miss carry that...

by User avatar Gaz

At what age precum starts to produce

At what age precum starts because I am worried it's my first time aND I am 14 years old

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Could there have been sperm in my precum

So i recently jacked off 3 hours or so before i had sex im wondering if the sperm around my penis from that masturbation could've been still alive on my penis or under the penis skin and could have sperm gotten in the precum? I did pee once before having sex could that have helped?

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Help fast! Unbearable itch

About a week ago an unbearable itch started at the bottom of my scrotum. Since then it has spread to cover my entire sack and the lower part of my penis. It comes at random times during the day and lasts for over an hour sometimes. The itching is literrally the worst I have ever felt in my life....

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What could these be? (pictures include)

Answered by a doctor

Well, the other day I was scratching myself and felt a bump. I was shocked, so I got to a private area and took a look. I found a small, hard, painless bump on my scrotum. Then after more investigation I found a couple more. They seem to be located near hair follicle more than not. They are hardly...

by User avatar anon86me133507

swollen testicle and spermatic cord Post inguinal hernia surgery.

Answered by a doctor

I had a left inguinal hernia repaired. Open without mesh. The first day went well with out any issues. The second and third day were really painful but I took the percocet and the antibiotic pills as instructed and did a little walking. I did notice a small hard lump on the second day where the...

by User avatar MYCONCERNS

Clear semen with white chunks! Is this bad ?

Answered by a doctor

my boyfriend is 20 and ive noticed that his semen is clear, and it also has white chunks in it. i always thought that semen should be a white thick substance ? should i have him get checked, or is that normal ?

by User avatar christin03