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I have a weird throbbing pain in one of my testicles.I think I need to see a doctor

I’m 15 and recently I’ve noticed a weird throbbing pain in my right testicle, I’m embarrassed to tell someone even though I shouldn’t be. I think I need to see a doctor but I’m nervous. I really need some advice. ASAP.

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Problem with bumps on scrotum

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I can’t believe how all bad things must only happen to me. My girlfriend has just left me because of my white bumps on scrotum. She said that she didn’t see anything like this in her whole life. I’m 25 years old and I have them for years now in which time the condition has stayed the...

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shooting pains in bum and testicles

My boyfriend has been complaining of shooting pains in his rectum and his left testicle througout the day. He says it comes in jolts and lasts a couple seconds. If you have any idea what it is, please let me know!

by User avatar rainbow

I wanted to know whether precum is considered "clean"

Hello, I wanted to know whether precum is considered "clean". Thank you for replies

by User avatar faithful procedure

Recently I have had bleeding during ejaculation. What can it be?

Recently I have had bleeding during ejaculation. What can it be?

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Varicocele Embolization - URGENT !!

Answered by a doctor

Hey everyone .. I'm 18 years old and basically I was diagnosed with a bilateral varicocele a couple of months ago (I had a doppler sonography to confirm it ) and my urologist said that I could either have surgery to remove it or I can have embolization. I picked Embolization because according to my...

by User avatar Brezzy094293468

I was born without testicles. Is there a surgery which can correct this and give me testicles?

I am Haaris that have not single testicles form my birth, so please inform us if i have surgery to get testicles?? is it possible i want to get testicles from others person. please help us , i am 6 six years my height is not normal, i am smaller in height then my 4 years sister.

by User avatar fading racist

I have a little lump in my scrotum. It feels like a 3rd testicle and is very soft

Answered by a doctor

I have a little lump in my scrotum. It feels like a 3rd testicle and is very soft. If i squish it i doesn't hurt. I dont even feel when I move around. I can only feel it once I touch it. It is above my right testicle. It is connected to something. It is not connected to my testicle, but is connected...

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Orange sperm after masturbating? What can be the reason behind that?

Hii everybody i want to ask that i am a boy of 17 year and i masturbate daily today when i masturbate then i saw that my sperm colour was orange can anybody me the reason of that

by User avatar upstream fortnight

pain in scrotum in sitting position, I had varicocelectomy bilateral surgery

Hello sir i had varicoceletomy bilateral surgery laparoscopic before this is had pain in scrotum after surgery also i had pain in scrotum when sitting after 2 months of surgery.kindly help me on this ,y the pain present on both side if some time left again some time on...

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