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Bad pain in left testicle

Answered by a doctor

I'm a 23 year old student and yesterday I was walking around town and my left testicle started to really hurt. At one point I was almost doubled over in pain. Went home and undressed, and after awhile it felt better. Woke up today feeling better, but then realized that even the slightest touch or...

by User avatar my_testicle_hurts

Black substance in sperm

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I 've noticed the past few months a small amount of black substance in ejaculation and being harder to hold an erection. I'm a 35 year old male. No pain whilst urinating or anything, it almost looks like black fluff, very small quantity in sperm? Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.

by User avatar thomsop

Blood in Semen -- no other pains -- Temporary condition?

Answered by a doctor

I masturbate regularly -- kind of part of my morning routine for at least a decade. Six days ago, I noticed blood in my semen -- just a little pink. I held off masturbating for a two days. I noticed my scrotum was larger than usual -- kind of like it was more full. I felt no pain or tenderness....

by User avatar paul197747787

Yellow Pus emitting out of scrotum!

I am a 23 year old male who has had unprotected sex before. I dont think it is an std but im not 100% sure. when I lift up my testicle sack (scrotum) there is a line of skin that emits a yellowish pus when i squeeze together. Anyone have any idea what this could be?

by User avatar Guest

What is the normal sperm color?

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I'm 22 year old healthy male and have some problems in understanding some things. Just the other day I have noticed that the color of my sperm is a bit changed. It was a bit brownish and my girlfriend who also noticed it thinks I got some sexually transmitted disease. Please tell me does...

by User avatar Guest

Is it normal for my testicals to hurt during puberty?

Answered by a doctor

it doesn't hurt a lot, it's just kinda scaring me. there are no lumps or anything, it's right where that rope thing connects to my testical. It's on both of them at different times... I asked my grandma who is a nurse, and she said that i'm in puberty, and that it's probably normal, but I want...

by User avatar Guest

epididymal cyst treatment

Answered by a doctor

i have a epididymal cyst in my right testicle.what is the best thing to do or treatment

by User avatar michael_jordan

I have some swelling under my left testicle and it only inflames when I am erect. There is no pain

Hi my name is jacob and I need some medical advice. I have some swelling under my left testicle and only inflames when I am erect there is no pain but slight tension. my testicle is not hard nor does it feel like its heavy at all.

by User avatar Dinwiddie12

Right Testicle got bigger after my varicocele surgery

My Right Testicle is about 3-4X as big as my left! it happened about a week after i got a surgery to fix a varicoseseal and its been like that for a year now pls help im 14 and very scared :(

by User avatar ZornTheWoke

Tube-like hard lump on testicle?

Answered by a doctor

recently i was checking my testicles for any signs of lumps, bumps etc. and i found on my right testicle (middle outer side) attached directly to it, was a short tube-like semi hard lump almost like a little ridge, a hardened vein or speed bump (not round or circular), it seems to get thinner as it...

by User avatar Guest