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woooh shape pain in my left sheeciiiii

l can't see e doctor becoz they ar thurgz in uganda but it hatting me from e upper said on e left

by User avatar Guest

Can i impregnate

Please my sparm count is 35mil, can i concieve with that

by User avatar slutsky87545

swollen testical about three times its normal size

About 2 weeks ago my left testical became swollan about three times its normal size.I went to the doctor ,they done a urine test and a ultrasound no tumors were found or anything in my urine.They treated me with antibiotics and a anti-inflamatory.They swelling went away but my testical is still very...

by User avatar buddy5555

Testical diseases

Hi all. I’m 19 and I have one problem with my testicles so I need your help to find out if I have one of testical diseases. Problem that I have is that my right testicle periodically gets enlarged and a little sore. I also hear a sort of gurgling from time to time, and if I touch it, it feels...

by User avatar Guest

bumps on testicles and penis

hey man , about a couple of months ago, i have been noticing and few bumps a week on both penis and testicle area... they look like a bunch of moles and it is starting to spread maybe one mole a day somewhere on my growing area ... i just need an answer so i can see what's wrong.. please respond...

by User avatar matty2000

bruised purple srotum

just recently i noticed discoloration on my scrotum and on the base left side of my penis. i dont recall hitting anything or being hit in that area, but a section of my scrotum is purple. it doesnt hurt and there is no swelling. what is going on?

by User avatar Guest