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Weight loss and hypothyroidism, synthroid medication

Answered by a doctor

I take synthroid 150mmg daily. Both my parents are doctors but I could never ask them this actually might worry them I guess. I know when your not eating your metabolism decreases to converse fat or something, but my metabolism without this pill doesnt work anyway. I was just wondering if...

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sore throat after thyroidectomy

Answered by a doctor

It's been almost a week since I had my thyroidectomy and I'm developing a brutal sore throat. Does anyone know if it's normal to have a burning sore throat after thyroidectomy? I don't know if I'm sick or if this is post-surgery symptom?

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anyone knows any parathyroid surgeon with good results in Michigan?

I live in Michigan and am looking for a surgeon who has done many parathyroid surgeries with good results.

by User avatar ROBERT

I am always cold (especially my feet) ever since I had my left upper parathyroid removed

Hi i had my left upper parathyroid removed in 2013. Since then i am always cold, especially my feet. I am tired all time, (alot of weight gain due to this), get the ocassional cramp in weird places like my breasts, upper chest, face and shoulders and if i stretch my toes they become stiff as well. I...

by User avatar Kitty364512

voice loss post total thyroidectomy

Answered by a doctor

I am 51 year old female who was diagnosed as hyperthyroid 4 years ago. I had a multi nodular goitre. On 2/5/08 I underwent a total thyroidectomy. The pathology showed a papilary carcinoma. No further treatment is planned for this as it was very small and totally contained within the removed...

by User avatar karmer72092

HYPOTHROID---do you experience eye twitching, ear ringing, s

Answered by a doctor

HI ALL! I am HYPO thyroid and have been experiencing for the last few years, ear ringing and eye twitching, first blamed on thyroid because of the fatigue that was also happening, then thyroid was "normal" level around 1 and now dr. says maybe I am going into HYPER and that is causing the...

by User avatar Xenasmother100960

Parathyroid surgery looking for a expert surgeon in Canada or Montreal for MIRP surgery!!!!

Answered by a doctor

Also Considering Dr LArian in Los angeles , does anyone have any information for me.... Thanks

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Alcohol and hyperthyroid

Answered by a doctor

My husband has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Last night we went out to dinner and he consumed several glasses of wine and a huge margarita. Later that night he complained of a racing heart and couldn't sleep. Was this caused from the alcohol and is drinking alcohol dangererous for someone...

by User avatar SherAnna07

Does enlarged thyroid always mean something bad?

Answered by a doctor

Does enlarged thyroid always mean something bad? I have sensed that my thyroid is a bit bigger then usual. I do not have any symptoms and I have not felt any changes, at least not the ones visible. Should I be worried or not? Will the gland return to its normal size?

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feels like a lump in my throat

Answered by a doctor

I have had a feeling as if I have got a lump at the back of my throat.I have had this sensation for approx 3 months. It gets worse as the day goes on, I have had anti biotics from my G.P. but these have not taken the sensation away. If i put my finger down my throat it eases for a few seconds. I am...

by User avatar stringy11469