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effect on tsh test when taking antiobiotics

Hello. About three months ago I have noticed that some strange things are happening to me. I'm 37 year old female and I have never had any problems with my body weight but, like I said, three months ago I have started to gain weight although I didn’t change any of my eating habits. Also, I have...

by User avatar zoch1459

Will cool compresses help with eye problems in Grave's?

My mother has been diagnosed with Graves's disease a month ago. Now, she is under antithyroid therapy and things are looking a bit better. Still, she complains of the eye problems, it seems that eyelid cannot be fully closed so her eye is getting dry. What can we do to help her? Will cool compresses...

by User avatar andie31762

I had total tyroidectomy

I have had t total thyroidectomy on the 21st october this year 09. I want to know if its normal the way i'm feeling, and how long will I feel like this, I have no energy feel exhasuted im on 125mg already, I feel a tightness around my throat which doc said its the scarring tissues inside. My...

by User avatar Guest

After thryodectomy experience

i had a full thyroidectomy 5 weeks ago, for the first two weeks i felt like a new women, contantly laughig with not a care in the world, i felt great. since then i have slowly begun to feel tired, my legs ache and cant walk far before my back aches, i am currantly on 150ml tyroxin, my specialist...

by User avatar gwenny1234

hypothyroidism weight loss

Answered by a doctor

:-( can't loss weight have been on synthroid for 1 1/2 yrs on supplements and watch what i eat and exercise with no luck. low temp still upon waking up does that mean my levels are still off.

by User avatar wondermom