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Question about thyroid regrowth

Answered by a doctor

I have a friend that had thyroid cancer and thyroidectomy in 99. In 2007, her doctor discovered that it had grown back, among other complications (the original surgeon left staples in the wound, to name one). They did no radiation. In April of 08, she had her 2nd thyroid removed. They told her she...

by User avatar allison

Parathyroid surgery

5 days ago parathyroid surgery and I feel tired and mental fatigue, out of sorts.

by User avatar crucial electricity

Dizziness Following Parathyroidectomy

Answered by a doctor

This post is an extension of the Dizziness after Parathyroidectomy thread. Please continue posting within this thread.

by User avatar Jenny3481

hypothyroidism and chewind tobacco

Answered by a doctor

can chewing tobacco cause problems with your thyroid?

by User avatar Guest

Cellulitis and Hair Loss

Answered by a doctor

:( :( :( Hi I am a 51 year old lady that have had 2 sores in the back of my leg. This sores were there on my leg for about a year.. One day I started to get chills and was vommitting on I was disoriented. My daughter took me to the hospital and I had told them about the sores on the back of my...

by User avatar Lilbratz23232

Post parathyroid surgery

 I had one adenoma  removed 10 days ago. Before that may PTH was 90 calcium almost 11 and post surgery my PTH is normal my calcium is 10 but ever since my surgery I have felt deep vibrations coming from somewhere in my body tingling all over my body muscle twitching and numbness that comes...

by User avatar Devo365465

who are the best mird parathyroid surgeons in the us

Answered by a doctor

I am interested in the docs that do the most procedures with successful results using minimally invasive radiocontrolled methods

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5 Months after parathyroid surgery

Answered by a doctor

Hi, here is my story, I am a 57 yr old women and I had a large parathyroid tumor removed on Feb. 9, 2009. According to the surgeon after the surgery he told my husband it was the size of 13 peas together. After the surgery, I felt like a new person drop 12 pounds right away, it has been 5 months...

by User avatar dorothy111119664

clips left in neck post thyroidectomy. surgeons need to know that titanium oxidizes in the body

Surgeons need to know that titanium oxidizes in the body. This oxidation causes immune responce that cause long term damage to the post op client. If a surgeon is not informing their clients that clips are used pre surgery then the client is not informed and the client can end up with long term...

by User avatar Guest

Post parathyroid surgery and unable to take calcium supplements, I cannot tolerate them in any form

5 weeks now after surgery and am unable to take calcium supplements, I cannot tolerate them in any form.  Is it possible to get enough through food?  Has anyone else had this problem, please help!!!  If I take calcium I urinate so excessively that I end up in the hospital, have severe...

by User avatar Chris