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Tonsilectomy this coming Saturday 22nd Sept - im scared!

Answered by a doctor

After having suffered with tonsilitis throughout my teenage years it came back with a vengence in my 30's! I am now 38, and was admitted to hospital 2 months ago with acute tonsilitis. I was in immense pain, and had a temp of 40 degress when I went in. I was unable to swallow my own saliva, and had...

by User avatar amthomas2001257572

When will i be recovered

I am going to have my tonsils out on the 14/2/2013 and i would like to know when i will be recovered. The doctors say i will be in hospital for 3 days and 2 nights. I would like to know weather i will be okay for 11 days after.  Can somebody please tell me when i will be okay? Thank you.:-)

by User avatar Guest

Bloody tonsil plus tonsil stones?

Answered by a doctor

About 3 weeks ago I had strep throat. I met with a brand new doctor, got antibiotics and felt so much better, even after only one pill. After 3 days my doctor called and wanted to review my test results from my throat culture. I called, left a message and forgot about it. The doctor's office called...

by User avatar Trish

Tonsilectomy and Adenoidectomy

Answered by a doctor

My name is Dani, I am 20 years old. I get sick a lot and have sleep apnia. The doctors told me that i would not get sick as much after this surgery and that i would sleep a lot better. Im hoping they are right because this is hell.Day 1 - waking out of surgery. When i woke i was in extreme pain...

by User avatar Dani91

tonsilectomy recovery time

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I'm 20 year old male and I would like to find out more about tonsillectomy operation. I suffer from chronic acute tonsillitis fro several months now and this is troubling me every year for past three of four years. I have been to my doctor several times over this and every time I've got some...

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tonsils and adenoides

Answered by a doctor

Okay, for everyone with questions about tonsillectomys I want to answer. First days it is painful and tiring when you get up you feel dizzy and heavy thats normal if you were constantly in bed no need to worry about that now you also will have a white tongue and thick spit this happens from you not...

by User avatar imjustsayin

Greenish scabs after tonsillectomy and HORRIBLE breath

Answered by a doctor

Hello, my daughter had a T&A on Tuesday. For the last two days her breath smell HORRIBLE! They told me to be expecting it but this smell so bad its stinking up my whol living room were she is sitting and watching TV. Smells like rotten eggs. She did have a blue popcicle about 4 hours and 30...

by User avatar conserned mom

how long until scabs clear?

hey guys, i had my tonsils out 7 days ago, its been a bit of a rough ride, but today i feel better, im just wondering how long until the scabs go away? i have seen no improvement in the appearance of the scabs since day 2, and i would have thought they'd start to disappear by now? also i have...

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mouth biopsy/ post-op pain

Hi! I've just had a mouth biopsy ( under my tongue ), I have 5 stiches. The doctor made the biopsy because he saw a white spot and thinks that it may be cancer. But my question is : he didn't give any medication for the pain , he told me that there would be none. Wrong. Very wrong! I can't talk, it...

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Care after adult tonsillectomy

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I'm 37 years old and having a tonsillectomy on 5/6. I've read all the posts online but wondering if I need someone here to take care of me 24/7 and for how long. I realize that the pain gets quite severe around days 3-9. So I'm wondeirng if it's worth flying someone across the country to help...

by User avatar ted2shred148779