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Caudal-fold Tuberculin Test

Hi! I seek to easy test method (tester) for tuberculosis, does anybody have an any idea, does that kind of test exsist, and if, who is manufacturer? I am also seekin test method/ tester for Brucellegren diseases. Any god advice?

by User avatar VNi

minimal ptb possible to be cure with in 2 - 4 weeks ?

is there possible that minimal ptb will be clear after 2 - 4 weeks of medications??? thank u somuch in advance i will for  the reply ....

by User avatar jhen

tubercolosos skin test mantous test

PPD test is a reliable diagnostic test for tuberculosis, an infected patient respounds positively of infection A. immediately B. within 1-2 week C. within 2-4 week D. within 4-10 week E. after 10 week

by User avatar YISHENG WASEEM317058

What is genital tb and what are its symptoms?

Can any one tell me that what is genital tb and whats its symptoms and how can it cure, without damaging the fallopian tube, because am i dont hv any child yet. And does it same for me to hv sex with partner?

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Hi, my girlfriend has been diagnosed with TB, and I am so scared now. What kind of disease TB actually is?

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