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extensive ptb " irregular hazed infiltrates in the left upper lung w/ small cavitation"

plsanswer me if what it means and what?how to cure it.

by User avatar orlando

PTB BILATERAL with cavitation in right upper lobe of the lungs

Hi hello can you explain what is this result means stepfatther have this result on his chest pa. What does it means 

by User avatar Father

apicolordotic view show minimal fibrohazed opacities in the left apex probably koch's in etiology

Answered by a doctor

apicolordotic view show minimal fibrohazed opacities in the left apex probably koch's in etiology..what does it mean? Please help me.. Im worried about my health.. It is serious?? 

by User avatar Guest

X-ray Result, I got PTB bilateral of undetermined activity

Hi, I wanna ask if can I get clearance as soon as possible to be capable to enroll in 1st year college because according to the impression of my x ray result, I got PTB bilateral of undetermined activity. The doctor who took physical exam in me said if I had a clearance, i may come to school....

by User avatar April Joy344532

ptb upper right lobe is shown on wife's medical exam

my wife take medical exam for work abroad but on her xray finding is ptb upper right lobe but all of her test is long medication it take?

by User avatar ryan

life expectancy for tuberous sclerosis

Answered by a doctor

My dear niece is newly diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, tuberous sclerosis. I am so very worried about her, and so very sad that that her life will be so different than her parents had hoped for. What is the life expectancy for people with tuberous sclerosis, if anyone would tell me that?

by User avatar brett1629152940

I finished taking meds (6 months) for minimal ptb, but they found out that I still have the disease

I finished taking the meds (6 months) for minimal ptb, but still they found out that I still have the disease. Impression: PTB, minimal, left (probably fibroid).  It says also, considerably regression of the previously noted reticular densities at the left upper lobe. However few streaky...

by User avatar Riri

minimal ptb and pneumonia, is it dangerous

Hi, ive recently have my xray result and it says that "consider minimal pulmonary tuberculosis, both apices, as described, activity undetermined. Please correlate with clinic and other parameters. Consider pneumonia,right lower lung. Correlate clinically." What does it mean? Is it dangerous?

by User avatar Guest

Every x-ray is showing Minimal PTB, both upper lungs

Hi good day! I have a problem. I already undergo a medication last 2015 (6 months) because of my Right upper lobe. And my Xray result is Minimal PTB, Both Upper Lungs. I am so much depressed because of my lungs. Because every time i got a job i need to pass the Xray first. And every xray i...

by User avatar HEEEEEELP

PTB, right upper lobe, with interval decrease

What does it mean if the result states, "PTB, right upper lobe -with interval decrease"?   Thank you!

by User avatar Guest