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PTB, right upper lungs. I heard that a person will have scars even if it's already cured

They said if you have this kind of disease there will be a scar eventhough you're already cured.  How to cure the scar.    Sorry for my English.

by User avatar Karen

fibrohazed ptb at left apex on xray?

Answered by a doctor

What is the meaning of impression of ptb left apex my girlfriend had this problem to his xray and she's very sad to see that,what is the cause of that what is the things can do??? Please help us Angelo..regards

by User avatar angelo

I'm suffering from tuberculosis and want to take a steam inhalation. What are the precautions?

Answered by a doctor

I'm suffering with Tb, i WANT TO TAKE sTEAM INHALATION , I wanna know about the precautions.

by User avatar Salar

upper right lobe infiltrates, ptb considered

I undergone treatment for PTB june 2016 to december 2016, I haven't had any xray then, because I got pregnant August 2016 while taking my medecines, I gave birth May 21,2017 and always attacked by my ashtma, and it's hard for me to breath when I'm in bed (I heard whizzing sometimes when I lay...

by User avatar ivie.nstyle361578

What is the meaning of ptb left upper lobe radiologically stable?

Ptb left upper lobe radiologically stable. What is  the meaning of this.

by User avatar Qwerty

How to prevent the ptb right upper lobe?

How to prevent the ptb right upper lobe

by User avatar Bobbymontives

what is ptb right upper lobe,  with e. Coli cyst? 

May I ask what is ptb right upper lobe,  (+)  e. Coli cyst? 

by User avatar Angel

what is the meaning of infiltrates at the right lung? are they indicatives of ptb?

Hi'doc I just to know what is the meaning of the inflitrates at the rigth uppear lung indicative.. pls.

by User avatar sweet25

What is the difference between TB and PTB?

upper right lung PTB. How many months does she need to cure this kind of disease? What are also the do's and dont's? What are the foods she is allowed to take? Thank you! Good day Sir!

by User avatar fhayerie360513

what is the cure for PTB right upper lobe with cavitary formation?

What does it mean of ptb right upper lobe with cavitary formation,how does it cure?

by User avatar Guest