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are there foods that are not applicable in PTB Bilateral patients?

GoodDay, I just want to ask if there are foods that not applicable in PTB Bilateral patients? Please answer Thank you. 

by User avatar Guest

What is fibroreticular infiltrates seen in both lungs?

What is fibroreticular infiltrates seen in both lungs?! Impression: consider PTB both lungs..

by User avatar chel

opacity right upper lobe and PTB has been considered?

I have something to ask, what is the meaning of " opacity right upper lobe and PTB has been considered"? This is my last chest x-ray result I'll wait for your response thank you.  

by User avatar Jok

Pulmonary Tuberculosis Right Upper Lung, I have taken the medicine myrin p-forte

Answered by a doctor

Hi i have been diagnosed with ptb in my right upper lung. I have taken the medicine myrin pforte for 2 months and have stopped. Was that very foolish?

by User avatar Ptb sucks

Right upper lung nondescript TB focus noted

Hi doc. I took my chest xray last May 29, 2017 as requirement for my job application in KSA then i was advised by recruitment agency to go to the clinic because of pending result. The result was "right upper lung nondescript TB focus noted. Rest of the lungs are clear". I was so afraid about the...

by User avatar Roland0905358086

can this be tuberculosis? My x-ray showed apical infiltration

Answered by a doctor

My xray showed apical infiltration.i did a ct and it shows old granuloma. Bt i tested negative to Tb skin test and sputum test. My blood test( PCR&G expect) MTB not detected. What could be the problem

by User avatar kamani

PTB right upper lung field? What is the reason I got the same illness again?

What possibly the common reason why got acquire the same ailment after a year medical treatment? In my case i was already diagnosed with nominal tuberculosis a couple year before, i just didn't expect that i acquired the same ailment again without noticing actually the symptoms unlike before i...

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Will PTB be found only in left side or is it in the right as well?

Is it the PTB will only find in the right side of the lung or also in left.. or is it the same?

by User avatar Franz

after 6 months of treatment my xray showed impression of PTB left apex

  I completed the treatment of 6 months had a xray me for I know I'm fine the result pybrohazed densities left upper lobe impression PTB left apex of the evaluation of the doctor is to cure me told me the nurse treated again 8 months which is now injection and oral treatment of me incjection...

by User avatar angelo

what does xray result: PTB bilateral with signs of loss volume mean?

hi my friend got her xray result and the impression of it is PTB. BILATERAL WITH SIGNS OF LOSS VOLUME. what does it means? thank you!

by User avatar jhaizee06