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Ultra Slim

I recently bought this product on a whim from a company called Indfrag off a website with the address for 8 bucks I have tried diet pills before with not much success but this product really helped me by cutting my appetite and giving me an energy boost. Even though the product...

by User avatar jeeves8041855


Answered by a doctor

Here are a list of the products that I have tried that DO NOT WORK. Suprasvelt, UltraSlim,Trimspa,Equitrim,Trimbia,ActiSlim,Liposvelt,All Day energy greens, Fat Killer, And forskoline. Yes I tried product after product. And idiotically continued to try more, even though I could see that all these...

by User avatar heathermoss6501

I want to loose weight!

I am 13 5'1 , girl weight around 120-125 and i really dont know what to do i have tired eating healthy but its not possible for me! I was maye thinking of joining like a sport but i dont like sports at all HEEELP !?!

by User avatar Fatimabby

I'm 14 and 5'3 I need to lose weight fast!!!!!!

Answered by a doctor

I'm 14 and 5'3 and I weigh 128 pounds, I need to know how to lose at least 15 pounds quick, but the only thing is is that my parents don't want me eating diet food because they say I'm too young for that, which they are most likely right so if anyone knows what types of exercises I need to do and...

by User avatar pretty princess

How fast can you lose weight at aspen clinic?

Hey there, So I need some fitness information, again, as usual :) So, what do you know about aspen clinic? How much do you know about it? If you have some experience with it, negative or positive, please let me know how fast can you lose weight at aspen clinic? On what principle it works? I was...

by User avatar LenaMidleton335046

medicine which can be substitute to pills

Is their some medicine which can be substitute to pills.? if theirs how many times a day to take it.? please answer ..!

by User avatar Guest

How fast can you lose weight with Medifast?

Hello everyone, Since I lost my job, I am in big, big depression. I was eating so much, I didn’t count my meals, but I believe that I was eating more than six meals per day. So, I don’t have to say to you that I got fat, but I gained almost 30 kilograms in two months. When I saw myself in the...

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I desperately need advice! I have been struggling with weight gain and loss all my life, since I was a teenager. Till recently I managed it with exercise, but now I am in menopause and getting fat and gaining weight no matter what I do or what I eat. I was always against diet pills, but now I am...

by User avatar podesta2386


Greetings. What can I say about my unfortunate destiny? In a long history of my obesity problems I have used about hundred of different diets and none of them really helped me. Some of them didn’t help at all and some of them caused short term results. My problems with overweight destroyed my...

by User avatar Guest