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PHENTERMINE + EPHEDRINE + Decadurbolin. My Weight Loss Story

Answered by a doctor

My problem has never been sticking to a low-calorie diet, my problem has been the stress of hunger pangs that I used to get in the evening or 2 hours after lunch. I tried exercise but when you're feeling hungry, you get distracted and can't enjoy or put up with a full workout. So I decided to try...

by User avatar LK54344

Maggie Drozd Spice Capsules

Answered by a doctor

Hello, What is with this Maggie Drozd Spice Capsules? I know they have been aggressively advertised, but now is silence. I don’t know anybody that had tried Maggie Drozd Spice Capsules, so I would like to know what is their effect. Thanks!

by User avatar Guest

What is Rapid tone review? What are its pros and cons?

what is rapid tone review?

by User avatar perky metro

Slimentia Dr. Tinguely's Bet

Answered by a doctor

I order this slimentia in July, I gained 3 pounds and called to return the product. I returned it. However; have not gotten a Full refund. What is going on? Is this a scam? I would like my $83.00 Back into my account. Thank You.

by User avatar Patty

How to get healthy weight loss?

Answered by a doctor

Hey, Here i want details about healthy weight loss, because i am trying lot of diet pills finally i got only pain..Anyone..

by User avatar robinson3309428

Stopping Duromine because it didn't work for me making me very emotional. How did you lose weight?

I have recently stopped Duromine (3 days now) not sure how I am suppose to feel as I have been having an emotional time aside from this medication. Duromine didnt work for me at all, so that is frustrating. Doc said it's ok to suddenly stop but I'm just curious how people who did lose weight have...

by User avatar alleged promise

Cinnamon Craving

Hi I am wondering if there is something I am lacking in my diet because I am drinking & eating things with cinnamon. I do this every day and can't get enough. Until this past Dec and now Jan cinnamon was just something I had once in a great while. Thank You

by User avatar Guest

No Alcohol on Duromine. I used Duromine a few years ago for 3 months and I lost a lot of weight

I have been on Duromine 30mg for 6 days now. I experience the hot and cold flushes and extremely dry mouth. I have a big glass jug of water daily, now I have 3, plus I will drink another 500ml or so during and after training. I have been sleeping very well but I don't feel energetic. I do have a...

by User avatar valiant base

please tell me after you take duromine how long it will work

Answered by a doctor

Hi everybody, I just got duromine 37.5mg, and I took it 2 days so far but I feel that I still want to eat alot.But when I read the review from other people who said that it work very well.Can somebody tell me after you take duromine it take haw many days to work ?

by User avatar Guest

im 13 and 180 pounds i need help loosing weight im despret

im around 5'7 in height and 180-190 pounds. i dont excersize becaz i have breathing problems. i dont eat breakfest i barely eat lunch i usally eat a plate full for dinner and i eat maybe 2 sandwiches around mid night. my bro and all his friends call me fat ass just becaz there skinny... my mom and...

by User avatar im fat