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im 13 and 180 pounds i need help loosing weight im despret

im around 5'7 in height and 180-190 pounds. i dont excersize becaz i have breathing problems. i dont eat breakfest i barely eat lunch i usally eat a plate full for dinner and i eat maybe 2 sandwiches around mid night. my bro and all his friends call me fat ass just becaz there skinny... my mom and...

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How can a 12 year old girl lose weight 10 pounds in a week!

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I'm 12 years old and I weigh about 100 pounds. People say I'm skinny and I agree. (But only for part of my body) :( I am skinny in some places but my thighs,stomach, and butt are big! And there is boy I like but I'm afraid to talk to him coz he will think inn weird. And everyone says guys Kline...

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Weight loss

Hi, my name is maisie, I am 13 years old, I’m not sure how much I weigh, im 5’4, everyone in my family are over weight, but I get judged by my weight, and I just love food... I can go a while without eating and I’m trying to watch my food intake because my diet is fine, I love fruit and...

by User avatar MxisieK

13 year old needs help with weight loss

Answered by a doctor

Hi my name is kyrstin... i weight 186 and im 13 years old and going to the 8th grade this year. i atleast want to weigh 132 in the next 3 months. so when i go back to school i can be slim and slender. i have been dealing with overweight all my life. My whole family is over weight and i need help...

by User avatar stasia415

Duromine and Antihistamine

I am currently taking 40mg Duromine for the past week. I have an allergic reaction to mosquito spray. (I'm allergic to DEET) Am I able to take Polaramine which is an antihistamine? Not sure if this will make me sick or have side affects etc. Thanks!

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Im 12 years old and weight 47 kg? What should i do?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, im 12 years old and i live in Norway. I practise soccer 4 hours pr weekend, i've lost some weight but not that much. I have small hanging boobs, i wear thick clothes so nobody can see them. Im ashamed over my body. Im not happy with myself. I want to get skinny like my friends but i don't get...

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loosing weight while on implanon

Answered by a doctor

is it possible to loose weight while on implanon

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Sea Kelp Weight Loss

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I have a weight problem. I want to become fitter and I`m trying really hard not to eat as much as I want to. I heard sea kelp is good for helping weight loss. Is that true?

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I've been on Duromine for 9 days now and haven't had a decrease in hunger

Hi there I've been on Duromine for 9 days now and haven't had a decrease in hunger. My energy has increased a bit, sleep was shit the first 3 nights but normal now. Still no weight loss and I exercise regularly anyways.

by User avatar alleged promise

Yogurt and weight loss

Hi, I need to make some changes in my diet. I want to eliminate bread and pasta, and I heard that yogurt is very good for weight loss. It doesn’t sound logical, since it has dairy fats.

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