Surviving SuboxoneTreatment & Withdrawals conducted a survey about Suboxone use and withdrawal with more than 1000 participants, who provided us with valuable personal experiences about Suboxone treatment and side effects. Ultimate goal was helping patients who are currently going through Suboxone/Subutex treatment or who are about to start the treatment. Their answers and experiences helped us to complete this book.

What's Inside

  • Dozen patients who were on interferon with different conditions share their real-life experiences
  • Interferon facts your doctor didn’t share
  • A bonus interferon fact sheet — all important data on a single page
  • All the research — already done for you!
  • Possible alternative to interferon for your condition
  • Updates and news about interferon in your inbox
  • Become a part of the SteadyHealth community to talk about interferon and the conditions it treats

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