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Possible Messed with gum graft during sleep. One of the scabs came loose and I tasted a bit of blood

Today is day 9 after my gum graft surgery. I have done my best to be a model patient and have not had too much pain, and it's been going well. Last night I felt confident enough to go to sleep without my stent in. This morning I woke up to my tongue aggressively messing with my stitches at the donor...

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Sudden internal knuckle size growth near knuckles on back of hand. (Not fingers)

These sudden internal growths, manifest quickly, usually while sleeping or sitting in a chair watching TV. They feel hard as bone and are somewhat painful. The pain makes me aware of them. It can be one lump or several and may occur on either hand but, always on one hand at a time, usually the right...

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what can be the cause of Itchy, sore, flaky dry skin on my testicles?

Itchy,sore,flacky dry skin on my ball sacks​

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got synvisc knee injection over a year ago and still having leg pain

I had the Synvisc knee injection on dec 19 2017 within 7 hours I was in horrible pain could not walk for two weeks still having pain in leg

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Chest pains on both sides. x-ray showed nothing irregular

I am Having chest pains on both sides since i was 13 and now its getting worse .Currently 20. Doctors diagonosis shows no results even after an x-ray scan.what could be the problem?

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Can a man smoke crystal meth and have orgasms out of his rectum

Can you a man smoke crystal meth and have orgasms out of his rectum

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feeling tired all day and having headaches along with burning of the eyes

hello my name is marie im 41yrs old...I been having headaches my eyes burn all day n I feel so sleepy all the time what can this mean,,,doctors dnt know

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Muscle/Joint Pain Following Total Thyroidectomy. Is severe pain normal following that procedure?

I have had joint/bone pain since my teens due to Osteoarthritis (I am now 64). In mid-December 2018, I had a total thyroidectomy and pain levels are now off the chart, especially in the shoulders, arms, and legs. This pain is non-stop and nothing helps. It has come to the point where most days...

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can dry humping cause pregnancy even though she's virgin?

Hi. can dry hump cause pregnancy even though she's virgin and she has her underwear on. I only pre ejaculate near her vagina and rub it through her underwear. so is there a chance?

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Hammertoe pin removal and everything is going well until I felt unbearable pain

i am 4 weeks post op from bunion and hammertoe surgery.  I was sent home with a boot.  2 weeks after surgery the stitches were removed.  Today was what I was calling graduation day.  The pin removed and no more boot.  I was very anxious about the pin removal for no reason at...

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