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Discomfort below stomach, hot, and can't concentrate periodically.

I have been doing this for the past 4 days.

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Any genetic syndromes including white forelock and blue eyes?

How many genetic syndromes can include both a white forelock and blue eyes? If there are any what are their names?

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memory loss, I can't remember people's faces. What can I do?

I cant remember peoples faces

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age gap in healthy successful relationships

Do other girls think age gaps are an issue? Is it okay for a 13 yr old girl  to date a 24 yr old guy? Leave aside all the laws and regulations, society and parents. 

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Is readiness or is preparedness more important when a girl embarks on a sexual debut?

What do you think is important for a girl when embarking on a sexual debut. Is readiness more important or is preparedness more important. Also, if she feels comfortable and has the right partner, is 13yrs okay for a girl to have sex.

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Tests Results for: Lymph% 45.4. What does that mean?

My test results were 45.4% for the LYMPH%  What does that mean?

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Foreskin cuts after sex but not when masturbating.

 Hello, my fiancé and I recently broke up for over two months. Before we broke up I was having issues with small tears in my foreskin after sex and also some white build up around my penis a discharge. She was also having a discharge. She has been to the doctor and...

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Effexor XR & Adderall withdrawal hell! This is the hardest thing I've ever done

I was on the maximum dose of Effexor XR & Adderall Xr for 15 years.  My doctor said 47 days beginning to end to detox from both.  My pcp said 1 - 2 years to do it safely.   I am about 2 weeks off of Adderall and 3 days off of my last Effexor XR pill.  I have been...

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Fat pads diagnosed above clavicles on both side. What can be the cause?

Fat pads diagnosed above clavicles on both side.. Anyone else have these and a answer as to what causes them? Or better yet how to get ride of them.

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