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Does a C-section affect the Vagina?

Does a C-section affect the Vagina

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IV fluid overload and got diagnosed with hypercapnia. Could it be sleep apnea instead?

My spouse is 86 yrs old and was hospitalized last Dec with pneumonia and sepsis. She had no history of heart disease and was diagnosed with newly acquired Afib. A doctor came to her rm the next morning apologizing profusely saying “I’m so sorry. This is our fault. We gave you too much IV...

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How do I ease the pain of broken skin/exposed flesh on my foot?

On the bottom of my heel, most of my skin has come off in one small area where a verruca used to be and now it reveals my flesh (bright red). It’s painful to walk on my heel and I have to be walking around 27 miles in a few days for a DofE expedition and was wondering if there was any way of...

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My girlfriend is having small vagina. What can we do to make it easier for us to have sex?

My GF has a small vagina, she even says my middle finger is thick. What can I do to make it easier for us to have sex? She never evn given birth & she's not a virgin . She 67. Please help us.

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I had tubal ligation 7 years ago and now my period is late. Any chance of pregnancy?


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my period is late for over 2 months after we had rough sex. pregnancy test is negative

My boyfriend and i had really rough sex like really rough n it was about 2 months ago n i havent gotten my period yet but im not pregnant i took tests and they came out negative but why hasnt it come yet? Im starting to miss it.

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sickness in a 9 year old? vomiting and bad stomachache for hours

my 9 year old just started pukeing last night out of no where bad stomach ache for hours then went too sleep woke up pukeing again and her neck hurts

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what is the proper treatment for a restless leg syndrome?

what can I do for restless leg syndrome? anybody heard of the st. bridess (sp) dance?

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Are these signs of a genetic syndrome? premature gray hair, brilliant blue eyes, thick brows

A nineteen year old man presents with premature gray hair, brilliant blue eyes, thick brows..flat nose bridge Is there a genetic syndrome he could be diagnosed?

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Irregular Menstrual Bleeding in a 19 years old. Having dark black discharge and tiny clots

I need to see if any other women is going through this. I have an appointment tomorrow but for about a month and a half I have been bleeding (period-like) every other day on the dot with about 15-20 pinpoint clots, which are dark black. It is very heavy but inly lasts about 3 hours, it is bad enough...

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