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I had CAT scan a week ago and now wearing pad because of a loose bowel and having back pain

I suffer from bowel problems. Tried all kinds of laxitives and from dr as well. I had cat scan week ago.  I wear a pad because since having scan         I have loose bowel  and need a pad. I havent had bowels open normaly sice  a week ago .I...

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Hands skin peeling after showers. Is it Exfoliative keratolysis?

So I have mild skin peeling on my hand after all my showers, and this started around 2 weeks ago. The first time I had any sort of peeling was a day after I went to karting and I got a few blisters and got blisters/peeled skin from holding the wheel wrong. I searched for what it was and I came up...

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I am 15 years old and having sex. Is that ok?

I am 15 years old in high school in the 9 grade having sex is it okay and yes with are using condoms!!! 

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Miscarriage or not? I had a positive pregnancy test but now started my period with blood clots

Please help me , i have had tender breast, vomiting and had a positive pregnancy test. but now have started my periods with blood clots and don't have any miscarriage pain.

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Parathyroid surgery recommendations for a physician

Has anyone used Dr. Babak Lavian in LA for parathyroid surgery? How do you feel about your experience?

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Precum on fingers, but I wiped it off with a wet napkin. It all happened 1 day after her period

I got precum on my finger then wiped off in my pants then wiped off again with wet napkin then fingered my gf, this situation happen 1 day after her period is finished. Chance of pregnancy?

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Nasty smell is coming from my nose and it keeps coming back no matter what I do

People around me are noticing a smell around me coming from my nose, no matter what i do the smell keeps coming back, does somebody have a idea of what i have go do to get rid of this smell?

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I had cataract surgery, but still having headaches and some mysterious formations in my eyes

When questioning the eye doctor about the mysterious formations in my eyes, he stated it was the gel coming off the back of my eye and it would disappear naturally after 2 years, well it has been 7 years now, and they are still there, I have had cataract surgery 5 years ago, it did not take and the...

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what are the cost involved to have a colonoscopy check up by a private doctor?

what are the cost involved to have a colonoscopy check up by a private doctor...? l am on centrelink/newstart and have no insurance coverage and any savings ...which is why i am asking.

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what are the symptoms of colon cancer?

what are the symptoms of colon cancer

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