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My brother isn’t very supportive at all and he has seen me in wet sheets and wearing just a nappy. I had a dry night last night which is good but still dont know why it is happening again and feel bad about that I guess.


Great you had a dry night Jacob.
Yeah when it comes to something like this brothers are just no help.
If you share your room with him it would probably even be worse for you at times.

It's hard to say what has caused it to flare again it could be puberty.
Did it seems to start about the time you started puberty Jacob?

How are things at school for you are you under a lot of stress and pressure from school or any other things that are going on besides the bed wetting.

If that is asking a question you would rather not answer its ok.
If you feel more comfortable talking in private if you join this site and just do 5 posts about anything you can send private messages on the site.



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Hi Jacob

How has the last couple of days been for you?
Hopefully things are going well for you with maybe a dry night or two to make your day.