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Hello everyone, I have been masturbating (I think that's the correct spelling?) for about a year, it started when an old friend explained it to me, I normally don't feel much guilt but I was thinking to myself, what if my parents find out?

Now my mother is a christian and I'm not sure if she will react badly to this. Now I'm not sure if they are smart enough to know I do it, or they have seen some of the porn I have used. So my question for you is, should I stop? Do your children 'touch' them selfs? Are they comfortable with you knowing?

Thinks to that affect, Thank you everyone!


Hey there...

So - the honest answer is your parents absolutely know that you do. My step son just turned 15, and we know very well that he does it, and have a pretty good guess exactly when he started doing it around 2 1/2 years ago. We were fairly open with him as he was approaching puberty - so 'self pleasure' was certainly discussed with him several times so he knows how we feel about it. I don't know if he actually knows that we know he does it...but here it is dude...parents were kids once themselves. So me being a guy who was his age once...not only do I know that he does it - I am pretty sure I know exactly when he is doing it because I did the same things he does when I was his age.

As for the porn a parent, I personally do expect him to look at porn. He knows we have parental controls on his computer, so this may limit what he tries to find...but I expect him to be curious, and look around. We have found a few things in his internet history, and haven't said a word to him about it - and we don't intend to unless something he's doing or looking at becomes unusually inappropriate or dangerous.

Now - that does not discount your parents' personal believes on the topic...but most parents (in my opinion) know very well what their sons are doing - and are ok with it. Depending on your relationship with them - maybe you can kind of bring it up in casual conversation to feel out their thoughts. Good luck dude - and try not to let the worrying take away from what it's supposed to be about!