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im only sixteen, and i hav faced a lot of emotional troubles and pain during the first 3 months of the pregnancy, because it came across me to abort it, but my conscience was killing me, & i was soo scared to tell it to my parents.. my boyfrend has been verbally abusing me, it was really dreadful..

finally, i hav told them.. it caused a lot of problems, but finally they accepted it..

now, im really scared of laboring.. i know its painful.. could it deform my body? like, having sagging buttocks after delivery or increase in weight and enlarged leg size?

help me please.. thank u..


Keep yourself in good shape now. Weight gain is imminent (for sure) but you don't have to be stuck with the after baby weight.
You can excercise now also, it won't hurt you. There are several excercises that you can do being pregnant. Check the internet for that.
I had 5 kids and came home from the hospital in my jeans, couldn't button them, but i got them zipped!! You are naturally swollen and still a bit puffy, so it will take a few weeks to button that top button.

I can't tell you how your labor will be, every delivery is different. It will be uncomfortable but you can ask for an epidural to ease your pain. This is where they put medication into your lower back, this blocks the pain, real good :-D

As you progress thru your pregnancy, you must see your doctor every month. The doctor will monitor your baby's developement as well as your health. He will be able to tell you how big your baby could be as your tummy grows. When the time comes, being that this is your first baby, your labor may be a long one, take the epidural if you can't stand the pain, yes it hurts like hell. Make sure you go to your pre natal classes, they teach you to focus on something other that your pain thru breathing techniques and concentration.

There may be some unexpected issues that come up at the last minute. You may need a C section, this is where you just can not deliver this baby on your own. The doctor may need to use forceps, which look like salad tongs. These forceps go around baby's head and the doctor gently guides him the rest of the way out. Baby may look funny for a few days, but he/she will be beautiful in a short time.

As far as deforming your body, no not really. You may have a stretch mark here and there. I ended up with a few on my boobs and one on my hip, but thats about it. Your body can be just as toned as before. Some women don't even look like they had kids and can proudly wear a bikini while holding their 3 month old.

I won't tell you it's easy, cuz it's not, but women have been shooting out babies for all of time. We have it easy as modern medicine has made delivery virtually pain less (sort of) Imagine years ago, women working in the fields, went into labor, dropped the baby, and went back to work. We are spoiled i think, but what a way to go. I couldn't imagine birthing a baby in the middle of a damn field, give me those drugs ;-)