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I have been bulimic on and off for the past three years (I'm 21 years old). It stems mostly from the fact that since entering college I wanted to clean up my eating habits and be healthy and bulimia just somehow started to creep in. Anyway, I've never gotten any real help (other than reading a few books) for it because it is so inconsistent. I've basically the pinned the problem occurring down to the days that I have a large amount of time to myself. My roommate gave me some of her adderall just to have for midterms/finals/for the random day that I have a lot of studying to do. Usually I do my major studying on the days that I know I am going to be mostly be myself...ok, so my point is that I have taken half of a 10 mg (I cut it up) three times over the past three weeks to get a few major papers written, they all fell on day that I was prone to giving into my ed and not once did I even think about it. I just it should have been obvious the first time I took it, but I didn't notice until after putting it all together. I get that Adderall suppresses appetite - I did eat on those days but I didn't have a compulsion to eat another bit, then another...etc, basically it kept me from walking down that path until I hit the wall where I decide I need to vomit and what's even better is that the though never even entered my mind, I had a productive, happy thursday and went to sleep feeling accomplished.

Basically, is it common for people to take adderall to fight bulimia? Have doctors ever prescribed it to someone to help bulimia? I just wanted to know other people's thoughts on it. I've always read about its effect on weight as a random side effect but never on its ability to help eating disorders. Sorry if I gave too much information above, I just wanted to make sure people realize that I'm not constantly popping adderall or something and just explain the context around the times that I have used it. I'm not even sure why I am asking about this really, I only have a few pills and I'm not exactly a person who will go seek out someone to illegally buy them haha.....anyway feedback would be greatly appreciated!


I haven't heard of it being prescribed for that but I've heard a lot of people with similar stories. I suggest being tested for ADHD. It can be comorbid (occurs with) with a lot of other mental illnesses and is frequently not diagnosed. Usually the other problems are diagnosed first, because they're obviously distressing... whereas people think of ADHD symptoms as just "the way you are" or part of your personality, especially if you've had them for your entire life. (Think: the class clown, the forgetful one, the daydreamer, the rowdy kid.)

Because ADHD often causes various academic, job, life and relationship problems, it can cause things like depression and anxiety. (I was diagnosed with depression back in high school. It was cured not by antidepressants, but by graduation. The only proven cure for low self-esteem is success.)

The three clusters of symptoms of ADHD are

Impulsivity basically means having trouble delaying gratification... which could include eating that cake. Eating-related symptoms are not currently part of the diagnostic criteria because the current edition of the DSM treats ADHD as a problem of childhood... but they might be in the future. A link between ADHD and eating disorders was discovered a couple of years ago:

ADHD can be diagnosed by a family doctor but they may want to refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist. Your school might have a staff psychologist you can talk to, as well.

Don't lie to your doctor. As I'm sure you know, bulimia can cause a lot of problems. Take care of it, whether it's caused ADHD, an Adderall deficiency, or something else.

I've never purged but I've... shallwesay overdone it on sweets frequently since I was about 10 years old. It's a pretty entrenched habit at this point, but I am finding it a little easier to skip the cookies since I started being medicated for my ADHD.

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