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I am 20 year old female, i had my tonsils and what is left of my aneoids taken out 20 days ago. I do not have any pain now unless i am yawning. I still have trouble getting some dry cereals down, in the morning. I think that when i sleep my throat drys up too much. Looking back now i am glad i did it, but i have lost 13 lbs, and the pain was the worst i have ever felt. I had trouble with the pain medication. i did not want to eat anything in the first place, and then the medication would make me nauseous which made me less hungry. the first five days i only ate Popsicles and pudding. Gatorade was a huge help. i would suggest getting an antibiotic in pill form....yeah the pill hurts going down, but liquid antibiotics kill the good bacteria that cleans your tongue, so with it my tongue turned disgusting, and again making food really hard to eat. After taking the medication, the throat pain would stop, but i also got excruciating ear pain in both my ears. good luck to anyone who is going through this.

*just a thought to the post below about 40 year old anoeidectomy... it is strange that you ask this because most adults do not have anoeids, i had barely any left, which he took out when he was in there.

i am still a little afraid to eat a tortilla chip!


did anyone after they got their tonsils removed develop sensitive teeth? my lower left side of my teeth are extreamly sensitive to heat or cold, will this go away?

i am also three weeks out and my voice has not returned back to normal, is it this way forever? or might there be a change that there is still a little bit of swelling?


goonie wrote:

I just had my tonsils and adenoids removed on the 8th due to OSA, so I am now on Day 3. My pain is not too severe, except when I wake up after sleeping a few hours without the codine. But for the most part, I'm talking more normally today and am experiencing less pain when swallowing. I've been spitting to avoid swallowing the past couple of days, which I've found very helpful. I was wondering why I have a lot of phlegm building up though? I'm hesitant to cough, but sometimes I can't help it, as the phlegm is rattling around in my chest. Is this considered normal? Also, when can I expect the scabs to fall off and will that be painful or cause bleeding??



I'm on day four right now and I dont think it could get any worse. I hate the fact that I can't speak, drinking isn't easy because swallowing is so miserable and my pain meds keep me on a schedule where I'm waiting for them. I was just given Tylenol with codeine and have it every 3 hours, but I sleep usually for about 45 minutes in between and then literally wait until that next 'third hour'. Does anyone else have a terrible time sleeping through the night- because I haven't yet.. and also I feel like something is hanging on the right side of the back of my throat, I can't open my mouth wide enough to see, but drinks and some of my mashed potatoes get stuck there too... ahhh! if you have a choice to avoid this surgery- i say do! it's absoultely h*ll on earth.


Ok, so I'm on day 6 now. I stopped taking the pain meds on about day 4 because that day I started vomitting so badly that just the thought of anymore liquid tylenol made me want to vomit more. Here's where my question comes, the left side of my throat feels perfecto, its the right side thats making me feel like I want to die. Today I could finally open my mouth up wide enough to see back there and that sid of m throat is covered in something white, I'm not sure what it is, but it looks pretty foul. Theres a little bit of it on the left side but that right side it just covered....any ides on what this is???


I just want to give a little bit of hope to those about to have this procedure, since the vast majority of experiences shared here are neagative.

I am 49 years-old and had my tonsils out exactly one week ago. The worst pain I had was minimal to moderate. I could swallow immediately and made sure I drank lots of fluids. I still eat just soft foods (soups, hot cereals, puddings) because when I try to advance the diet I do get some pain. I stopped taking the Lortab (except at night) on day four.

I was up and doing stuff around my house (nothing vigorous) on the 2nd day. I went into my office to work on day 4, and today I lectured for about an hour (my throat did get tired). Yesterday I went x-country skiing. I feel great, with just a little discomfort when I swallow.

Last night I did have some profuse bleeding in the middle of the night. Luckily, it stopped after 5 or 10 minutes. Maybe I should slow down.

I would do it again in a heartbeat. For me, at any rate, it wasn't at all bad (and I was pretty scared after reading here).


Guest wrote:

Today I could finally open my mouth up wide enough to see back there and that sid of m throat is covered in something white, I'm not sure what it is, but it looks pretty foul. Theres a little bit of it on the left side but that right side it just covered....any ides on what this is???

Look on Page 30 of this discussion at my post. The white stuff is probably the scab that's forming over your 'tonsil holes'. Check out my pictures and see if they match what you're seeing.


I’m a 21 year old female, 16 days post-op.
The day of surgery went well and the anesthesia and local injections in my throat lasted me until day two. The worst part was probably my mother nagging me to drink more water – the doctor recommended at least 2 liters a day. In the end I know the water helped, it kept my throat moist and helped to thin out the mucus.
Unfortunately the combination of narcotics and antibiotics made me vomit a couple of times. After about day three things got worse. My jaw was incredibly sore from the surgery, my mouth tasted like old yogurt and I was hungry but didn’t want any food offered to me. My saving grace was popsicles and ice cold water. The scariest thing was the urge to cough that overcame me, I would wake up in the middle of the night and could hear the mucus rattling in my chest but I was so scared to cough, afraid I would tear the scab and bleed.
My throat was covered in a lovely white scab; some of it is still there, but the doctor said it was normal and was quite happy with what he saw at my post-op appointment. (I never felt the scab falling off.) I weaned myself off of painkillers by day 10. My throat is still tender (not nearly as painful as strep), but I can eat normal foods and feel like myself again. The pain has definitely been tolerable. The anesthesia had some effect on my sense of taste, everything tastes like salt, but that should dissipate soon.
All in all, the healing process has been bearable. Good luck to anyone having the surgery, it’s definitely worth it! Remember, it wouldn’t be recommended if your doctor didn’t think it beneficial in the long run.


Hi all, im 20 years old and had a tonsillectomy (in the UK) last wednesday 9th January... i have to say that the first 3 days were absolutely fine and i was able to eat a little and drinking water also seemed to be fine. Saying this, just like many other posts on this forum, i found that the pain after the 3rd day became pretty nasty... i found that sleeping at night and eating anything was unbearable and have avoided food at all costs (much to the dissapointment of my family!)... I think im in the dog house now! I am now on day 8 and things seem to be a little better pain-wise and i managed to get quite a good amount of sleep last night although i have found that i have acid-refulx which is making life quite uncomfortable... Does anyone know why this might be??? As for my experience... i havent really had much bleeding but have had alot of phlem and nasty gunk coming from my throat... i found that spitting this out has helped. Also because i have been in quite alot of pain, my doctor prescribed me 30/500 co-codamol which is really quite strong but after 2 doses it made me feel so ill and eventually sick that it has put me completely off painkillers and i am currently just dealing with the pain. I have to say that being sick after a tonsillectomy is far from a plesant experience and i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy so avoid it! I would also advise taking any medication in tablet form because even though it is a chunk to swallow, once its down, its down and you dont have to keep swallowing to clear the back of your throat. Also, drink as much water as you can, it really is easier said than done, especially coming from those that havent had a particularly painful experience but it is defiantely better to keep drinking and be in a little pain than letting your throat and mouth dry out and everything becoming sooooo much more painful. I cant say at the moment that i am glad that i had this operation but there does seem to be light at the end of the tunnel so dont let all the negativity put you off. Hope it goes well for anyone waiting or thinking of having it done, GOOD LUCK! x x x


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