I also suffered from UTI, over and over with no help from the Doctors, then one day a lady at Walgreen's drug store told my Mother- in- Law about an over the counter product called CYSTEX Cranberry Urinary Health complex, taken twice a day if you have symptoms, just follow easy instructions on the bottle. it does not taste bad at all, and even if it did I would have taken it any way, I was desperate for any kind of relief, and it actually worked, and fast for me, in just a couple of days I felt Soooo much better I could not believe it, I keep a bottle in my fridge at all times, and when the symptoms start, I start taking it, I am from east Tennessee, and here it only cost 14 to 16 dollars a bottle, I so agree with everything you said about Doctor's and Emergency Rooms, not one Doctor ever mentioned this to me, if my mother- in - law, had not been chatting with the lady at Walgreen's , I would never have found out about Cystex, you may have to ask the pharmacy where to locate it in the store, I did or I would never have found it here, it was located at the very bottom shelf stuck way in the corner barely visible, almost at floor level, but I haven't had to worry about a UTI Since. So Hope this help's you if you decide to try it.