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I have reading this forum for several months and have learned so much. I have two questions.....What is PPH surgery really like and....ha anyone had the IRC methid to remove hemroids and if so can it remove grade 3 hemroids?

Thanks in advance


From my experiences I think I can give you a pretty good answer on IRC though not the one your looking for. I went to the Hemorrhoid Relief Center here in the Chicago area last summer because I was hoping I could avoid surgery.

The staff and the doctor were nice and they put me on the IRC program which basically meant yolu came in for treatment once a week for 5-7 weeks depending on the severity of your problem. They had me come in for six weeks.

I did notice a slight difference while having the treatment, but it was never enough and when I brought that up to the doctor he would basically say give it time.

After week six I didnt feel like this was doing enough so he said to go ahead and come in a seventh week. I did, and then he said come in a eighth week. I came in on the eight week to find the place closing up shop, and they just forwarded me to another place called the Dyer GI Clinic even farther away from where I live. At that point I said screw it.

Hemorrhoid Relief Centers have this nice little website with testimonials from people talking about how great it is, but I dont buy it anymore. I think realistically if you have a hemorrhoid problem that is more on the minor side this treatment will be great for you, but if you have a bigger problem this isnt for you and you will just be wasting your money which the doctor probably already knew I was doing from the beginning of my treatment.