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Good afternoon,

anyone here read Dr Siegal's Cookie diet book recently? Is it worth buying and reading it? Where can I find this book and on what aspects should I pay attention in this book? How much does it cost?

Any chance to download copy of this book somewhere on the internet?

The diet seems very interesting, but I am skeptical about it as well.

I am not sure how this diet can help me lose weight if I eat cookies?

I hope that Dr Siegal explains that in his diet book.

It would be very nice to share your experience.

Best wishes!


Greetings everyone,

I found this book very interesting. This diet book is written by a medical doctor with over a 30 years of experience and practice. This book is focused on high protein and high fiber food, and includes nutritional information for a lot of recipes as well.

Actually, it is very educational. You can read a lot of success stories, see a lot of photos of many recipes. It is fun, colorful and educational book.

Maybe you can find it in the bookstore or order it from Amazon. I don't believe there is a free copy to download.

Read it, it is very easy reading. I think you will like it.