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My husband has blisters on his back between his shoulder blade, it is in clusters of about 3. One looks like a pimple but you can tell that it is a blister, he says that it is very sore. I have been putting a actibitic on the blisters hopefully I am doing the right thing. Any suggestions?



I was using a heating pad, trying to get some relief from a stiff neck and left shoulder, when I rolled over onto my right shoulder one morning.
I could feel some pain on the shoulder, like something HOT was on it like a button. I squirmed, and it again came back.

I rolled off and pulled the heat pad off the bed, and forgot about it.
Later that morning I jumped into the shower and started a hot shower, rotating under the stream, and jumped when it hit my right shoulder. I reached over and felt a numb spot, and then identified it as a water filled blister that promptly popped under my finger and the stream of water. It then hurt from the water running in it.

I finished the shower, put some Neosporin cream on it and then a bandaide.

now, I'm worried about what it could have been.

Has anyone else ever been second degree burned by a hot pad? Or could it be herpes? How about shingles? Or maybe something related to Keflex? I'm on that for a sore throat about two days before this came up.

Any help out there?


I am having the same thing. Did you find out what it was? I also have been using a heating pad