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About six weeks ago, I noticed that my stomach hurt every morning when I woke up. I paid it no mind, as it always went away after 10 minutes or so. Then, it stayed longer and longer until it was with me all day. Shortly thereafter, I started having extremely bad diarrhea. I've found that when I m lying flat, it felt like the contents of my stomach were noticably sloshing around inside of me - and where ever they went, the pain followed. If I rolled over, I could feel the pain move from one side to the other, as though it (and my liquid stomach contents) was settling at the lowest point. It's keeping me from exercising and being otherwise active, and I find that I'm stuck lying on my back all night long to keep the weird, sloshy pain sedentary. The pain is very slight, and occasionally feels like when you haven't eaten for a day... That familiar "grumble" of your stomach telling you it needs food. When I eat, the pain will sometimes momentarily subside. I've also now just recently (within three or four days) become bloated and gassy. I'm constantly belching, and it sometimes tastes slightly vomitous or acidic. I am not feeling any chest pains, but I have noticed that my throat feels a little tight. The diarrhea occasionally subsides, but my stool colors are changing rather drastically. I have never noticed blood in my stool. Will someone please tell me that this isn't something really serious? I'm completely out of my mind with almost paralyzing fear, but living in the USA and not having insurance, I simply cannot afford to see a doctor. Please. Anyone with information... please help me


It sounds like you could possibly have irritable bowel syndrome to me. If you can't see a doctor because you can't afford to, you will have to make do with what you can in terms of a bloated stomach cure, making your best guess about the cause of your bloated stomach and acting accordingly. 

If it is IBS, it can help to avoid processed foods like white breads and pastries, as well as dairy. You should eat smaller portions, get fiber from things like brown rice or oats, and avoid "gassy" veggies like cabbage and broccoli. Drink lots of water.