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I really need some help! I been having this stress and anxiety about my girlfriend and i dont want her to get pregnant!

Im really sure and preety accurate that she is not going to be pregnant! she finished her period not long ago, and she gonna get her period next month !

And couple days ago we had sex and i didn't use a condom but i didn't not cumm in her or pre cum at all . an when i knew i was gonna cum i took it out very early and then i cumm in like 5 second later! outside of her!

And i could nerver stop repeating my self saying im preety sure an 100% that she isn't pregnant!

its the stress an anxiety that gets me !

i use condom everytime we done it ! thou !

But im wondering can she get pregnant ?




Hi Eddie,

Yes, she can get pregnant.

You may not even know that you are releasing precum.  You're also cutting it pretty close with the 5 seconds.

Basically, with ANY sexual contact there is a risk of pregnancy. 

Use the condom, it's a lot cheaper than diapers.



but i can tell and feel when im gonna ejaculate(cum)
I can tell when im gonna pre cum! and when soon as it gonna happen i take it out very early and then 4-5 second later i ejaculate outisde on the bed!


Because it is possible for you to "leak" during sex. You'd never know with all the fluids.
Just realize that it IS possible.