So, frustrating. I have had dairrhea now for 5 weeks with back pain. 3 courses of anitibiotics later it is still occouring. I wake up at 4am with severe nausea. Ended up in E.R with an I.V line. My body feels so sick and toxic. I have had a barium + I.V dye CT scan + full bloods, all have come back negative. The only thing I have changed recently is my diet. I went from gluten free to a normal gluten diet in the past 5 weeks. I was advised to go GF due to a fluctuating functioning thyroid. About a year ago, I ate 2 bread rolls with butter and had a 5 minute nausea and dry retching attack that brought me to all fours?! Am putting it down to a gluten/gut sensitivity. Have been on a very bland broth + potato diet but still having severe nausea flares. Zofran is my saviour at the moment. Also in need of some answers. I hope you all find answers too.