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Hi Jim
How r u doing now? Sounds like you had great success after your diagnosis


My wife started having trouble falling, like maybe once per week. After the tird time we though it was weird and had her see a balance & hearing specialist, He ordered an MRI exam and they discovered that my wife had a grape side turmor at the top of the brain stem.

Two days after the diabnosis (“You have a brain tumor.”). We were seeing a neurosurgeion and three days later we were in for a brain biopsy. The results of the biopsy was Stage 3 Anaplastic Astrocytomy at the top of the brain stem.

We’ve completed 6 weeks and a day of Radiation trteatments. She tried taking Tenabar (sp?) without success. She was extrememly allergic to the chemo medication, continuing it is simply not an option.

We just got back the results of her most recent MRI. The MRI shows that she has a bout a 50% recuction in ther size of the turmor. The tumor is located at the top of the Brain stem. Pressure on the stem is likely to be the proximate cause of death. Not being able to do chemo, implies that life expectancy is shortened. The oncologist now refers to 12-24 months as a reasonable time frame for pallanningn purposes.

Her next appointment is to see a specialist who might get her into a study.

Can anyone give any feedback requaling quality off life, When involved in all of these different studies. The oncologist tells me that realistically that she has 12-24 months remaining to her. How can i have That conversation? Living her life vs. chasing cures. I’m interested about others and how they spend their choicdf