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my dad is diagnosed with stage 3 non-small lung cancer which basically means that cancer has already spread beyond his lungs. But, thankfully, it was possible to remove his lung tumor with surgery, and he went through a rounds of radiation and chemo to make double-sure all cancer cells are removed.

This was about a year ago, but currently dad seems to be getting the symptoms that might mean just cold, but it’s hard not to think about the worst options once he starts coughing. So, if anyone on here can help, what are the chances that my dad’s cancer has returned only a year later?


Hi Guest,

Your dad should see his doctor/oncologist as soon as possible.

Everyone is different and we don't know your dad's history but in general the long term survival rate (5 year) of Stage 3 lung cancer is about 25%.

That the cancer has spread past the lungs increases the risk of it reoccuring.

Good luck to you both.