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Here are a list of the products that I have tried that DO NOT WORK.
Suprasvelt, UltraSlim,Trimspa,Equitrim,Trimbia,ActiSlim,Liposvelt,All Day energy greens, Fat Killer, And forskoline. Yes I tried product after product. And idiotically continued to try more, even though I could see that all these companies must be connected. I also tried the 10-48 diet pill. I lost 10 pounds, But it came right back on within a month. I also tried the cyclone diet. It made me sick.


Dear Heather,
As a representative of Studio Products who supply Actislim Ultra, I can confirm that Actislim Ultra and Studio Products Ltd are in no way connected to ANY other herbal dietary supplement.

In the recent past we have also supplied thermoslimmer and inchaid however we no only offer Actislim Ultra and do not, have not and will never supply and of the other brands you mentioned (in fact I've never heard of some of them!)

As side from that, although Actislim Ultra, is not a guaranteed product, we do find that the majority of our customers do experience success with the supplement (Our surveys show currently around the 92% say they had success)

If you email ***** with your order number and any concerns you have I am sure our customer service team will do their best to assist you further

Kindest Regards
Studio Products Ltd


I recieved some information in the mail about Liposvelt today. I can not find out anything about it. It sounds too good to be true and I just wanted to know if it really works or is it just a scam because they tell me that you can lose 15 pounds a wek on this stuff and that it is safe. What do you think? Thank you for helping with this.


if any one knows about this product please give advice.. usuallyl it seems all diet pills are scams. i just wished they would really make one that works for people who has a really hard time. speak out america let us know



With reference to your concerns over other products on the market, may i suggest that rather than purchasing a product that claims to lose weight you are simply better off purchasing a product that has clinical testing and proof that it actually works..

For example Our Phase 2 product is clinically tested and proven to assist in weight loss by simply preventing approx 70% of your carbohydrates from being absorbed in the system, hence this helps to eliminate about one third of your daily calories.

This product is fantastic and only needs to be taken prior to any meal containing carbohydrates, it does not affect your appetite so you can maintain a healthy balanced diet and there are no adverse side effects either.

You might be best taking a look at out website ********* or calling me on ****

we are based in Doncaster and were the original founders and manufacturers of Thermoslimmer hence the knowkedge within this terribel market.

Just be wary of ordering products that have no clinical proof .

Tina Wilson
Thermoslimmer Ltd

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I tried actislim and it did work, it freaked me out for a while how much energy i i was on drugs or something, but i went from a size 12 to a 10.
i'm going to go back on it this summer to get down to an eight, i think if you eat a sensible diet and exercise well you will lose weight anyway.
I'm not sure if these diet pills are just a placebo but actislim worked for me.


I have been using 72 Hour Slimming Pill for the last months. After the first three days, I lost 5 pounds. I have been able to keep it off. Every other diet that I have been on, I have always gained back the weight that I lost within a month, but the 72 Hour Slimming Pill has helped me keep it you have to bought it back at