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Monday night i started to get an extremely painful sensation in my ear (i had a flu as well). Since it was 10 o clock at night i had to speed to the nearest private emergency room, one that i don't trust however it was better than nothing. The doctor quickly looked in my ear tnd said that it was infected and there was some blood. He gave me anti-bacterial medication and drops for my ear called "CIPRODEX" it helped with the pain but now i feel an extreme pressure in my ear, not painful just there. I can hear my heartbeat every so often and a ringing comes and goes. I have been using the drops however for some reason i feel like the drops are clogging my ear causing the loose of earing, ringing and me hearing my heartbeat in my ear. Should i be concerned? Would it help to pop my ear?


Hi Nick: NEVER pop your ear OK? What you are experiencing is very normal after an ear infection I will tell you a few things that can help you with it - it is water in the ear by the way.

You can use a hairdryer on it on warm but a low setting and blow it gently into your ear - be careful it doesn't burn your skin. This will help dry it out. Also you can get garlic oil and really warm it up and put a couple drops into your ear - the garlic is a VERY good antibacterial natural medication. After you put the oil in your ear, GENTLY massage right under the opening of your ear. Where the ear tube is. This will gently open the flap and let the oil in. Also if you lean your head over to the side and GENTLY hold your nose and GENTLY force air out - which you wont be able to because of holding your nose! This will "pop" it without popping it!!! Chewing gum will also help with the drainage. Also putting some cotton wool in your ears can absorb the fluid. The thing to NEVER do is put ANYTHING like a Qtip or your finger into your ear. These above things should work for you. Good luck!