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I'm 19 and I'm 12 weeks pregnant ... The baby father is 24 and he been pressuring me into having an abortion.... Physically and mentally has abused me ... He says that If I keep it he will hate me and never be there for the baby... And if I have an abortion he will be there for me through it an after and we can get an apartment and try again later. Idk what to do. He has turned a lot of people against me and has ppl on his side so he has the upper hand. I don't know what to do.. I'm lost . I already had the ultrasound and the baby was so precious . I'd never forgive myself but how hard is it to be a single 19 year old mother without a father . I feel like I've already failed as a mother. I want the baby but he's starting to twist my mind and I just don't know anymore. I torn


Hi Keanna,

The decision is BOTH of yours to make, not just his alone.  If you don't want to do it then DON'T.

He may never be there for the baby but make sure you put him on the birth certificate.  Make sure that he pays every penny of child support that he owes.

If he theatens you, in any way, file a police report.  Don't just take the abuse, you need to protect yourself.

He's not a man, he's a coward.  Obviously he was all happy having sex with you and now is not willing to accept responsibility.  At 24 he should be looking toward settling down. 

Yes it will be hard for you but there are a lot of people that will help you.  You will also be eligible for grants in many cases.  You can do it!

Lots of women in these forums have regrets, sometimes years later, about having an abortion.  There's always that feeling of "what might have been." 

You will still find a REAL MAN that will care for you and your baby.

Good luck in your decision.



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If you want the baby DO NOT GET AND ABORTION. I know two lady's that went through the same things they were forced and the way the felt after and still to an extent today is terrible! Anyone who truly cares about you will not leave you and will not force you to get an abortion. If he does leave because you keep it your family will support you or help support you even if they seem mad at the moment