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Sounds like an esophageal spasm.. in getting them too. Feels like a heart attack, very painful. Only drinking water stops it. I also have to air gurgling in my throat every minute of so. It’s very annoying and sometimes painful. I haven’t found anything that helps yet.


I have the same problem, I found some solution but not sure was it permanent. Drink Cold water and keep your self hydrated every now and then, Change your sleeping position, prefer sleeping from your right hand side (Even that was not so recommended by experts). Have a deep breath in fresh air, also sleep by keeping you neck straighter, meaning without bending the neck down. Hope this will get you a relief.


Hi folks, new here. Glad to see i'm not alone in this.

I've read through all 4 pages and have so many symptoms that are mentioned here. 

I've tried a few things that seem to help.

1) I eat oats/oatmeal in the morning. Before eating, i drink 2 glasses of room temperature to warm water 30 mins before eating. To get the metabolism going.

2) Exercise before eating. To get you the blood flowing in the morning.

3) Of course eat your cereal warm, and if you feel the need to drink (oats can get quite dry) then drink warm water. Warm water seems to relax the digestive system. Stress levels need to be contained as well, of course not easy.

4) Do exercise everytime before you eat. If you don't like exercise, then go for a walk. That really helps.

5) Cut out dairy, nuts and fruit. Go with veggies.

I'm still trying to figure the rest out, but hopefully this helps people. I will keep updating my progress, but it would be good if others also post their progress on here with other things they have tried.



I forgot to mention:

A few other things i try

1) Concentrate on something else while eating, very important. If the focus is on your eating then it puts more pressure on yourself.
2) Stand up while eating. As an option, it won't work for everybody.
3) Try and eat little bits throughout the day. Eat full bowl of cereal, but then eat little bits of what you can eat throughout the day until the evening you feel you've had enough to eat.
4) Only eat when you are hungry. Putting unnecessary foods in your stomach doesn't help relax your digestive system. You might be hungry once a day or two, three times a day. But eat healthy. We need to listen to our bodies, and when it's hungry then it needs foods. Now, this might seem contradictory to point 3, but we are here to try everything right ?

These are all alternative methods that anyone can try, but don't hold me to it.


Me again LOL

Something i just tried. Do a physical activity while you are eating. A huge problem with eating is anxiety, and doing a physical activity takes your mind of your digestive system/stomach.

For instance, i sorted out loads of washing and i'm eating through it.

Works great !!


Always drink water. And squeeze some lemons and add those to your water intake. The alkalinity of lemons prevent cancer.

I added a bit of lemon juice to my oats and it tasted great.

The juice definitely helps for bloating and additional gas.

Also, canola oil is fantastic is you feel stressed. And it reduces cholesterol.


My experience with the same, and the two answers amd treatment I've found:
I've had cricopharyngeal spasms (throat tightness/feeling of a lump in my throat) in conjunction with chest pain and hoarseness.
I wound up in the ER several times because it seemed like I was having a heart attack.

After lots of research I found what called, "Variant Angina" and thought ot might be that, so I went to a cardiologist. He didn't readily agree because it's rare.
I found out that my arteries are totally clean, so my issue wasn't regular angina. During my last ER trip, I saw my cardiologist's partner, and he said he'd seen similar things several times. Treatment - nitro under the tongue. Works fabulously!

On the flip side, the only similarity found during each ER trip (if they looked) was that I was constipated. I have IBS-C so I pretty much live that way.
It took a few more episodes for me to realize that constipation was actually relevant!
Apparently, being full of c**p can also trigger this!
The last thing, I read that nitroglycerin is also one of the treatments for Cricopharyngeal Spasms. It really does work wonders!


I have had this same problem for almost 2 years on and off but more on. I had 2 endoscopies an 2 colonoscopy's and a CT scan and nothing. Went to a natural doctor and she said low stomach acid, regular doctor said to much acid. I've tried gas pills, antacids, low acid treatments, aloe juice--nothing works. I get pressure in my throat and bubbles and gurgles in my throat. A lot of gurgling on the left side of my stomach and sometimes it will not come up as a belch I have to bend forward to force it out. I'm seeking another Gastro doctors opinion. Very frustrating to say the least!