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All right, so there's this girl I like but I just don't know what to do about it. I don't know how to approach her, what to say to her, how to act around her, what are signs she likes me, how to carry on a conversation, and how to ask her out.

What sort of things do girls like in a guy too?

I need and appreciate your help



Girls are all different so there is no guarantee all girls will like the same thing. The bravest thing you could do is tell her you like her in person, but if you are like me you will be too scared. lol Nothing to be ashamed of, rejection hurts and it is really hard to express your feelings especially if you aren't sure if they feel the same.

Some things you might want to look out for is her body language. Not all girls will do it, but if you see her playing with her hair a lot or if she finds ways to touch you. Like gently hitting you or touching your lap if you should say something funny. Also giggling is a good sign, but remember that just because a girl does these things it doesn't mean she likes you.

You should try to act as you would with your other friends, but try to make it so she can tell you like her. I know it sounds complicated and to be honest it is. Try to compliment her on her looks but in a flirty way or she might think you just want to be friends, maybe something like, "You look great!" Although I wouldn't suggest it, sometimes finding out someone likes you through a rumor might cause her to think about you in a different way. You need to get her thinking you are boyfriend material some how and the best way would be to flirt. If you just walk up to her and tell her you like her out of the blue she probably won't like you back unless she is desperate or secretly likes you too. lol

Just put it out there but don't act like a creepy stalker. Girls love confidence but don't be too confidant that you appear cocky. If you have some idea that she likes you too, then I would just flat out say it. "Wanna go out?" Hopefully everything works out for you and good luck!