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My grandfather was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis two weeks ago and at the same time they told us it was caused by Hepatitis C infection which neither he nor the rest of the family figure out he had. He is 72 years old and this is type of hepatitis that’s transferred mostly through infected needles. And he wouldn’t have gone to hospital anyway if it wasn’t for the very big stomach distention he developed. The doctors told us this might mean his liver is failing and said that we can only realistically expect things to progress to worse, if he doesn’t get a liver transplant. We still have to look into transplant options for him and I know that the waiting lists can be long, even if he meets the criteria. A any info on what we can expect in terms of how fast will his cirrhosis progress?


Hello Guest... I am sorry to hear about your grandfather.  I am unsure how serious his cirrhosis is, however, he has a 50/50 chance of surviving for another 2 years.  Only 35% live for five years.  If he has any complications such as gastrointestinal bleeding or encephalopathy, it compromises the survival of a person with cirrhosis. Is he being given interferon therapy with ribavirin?  Is his medical team doing anything to help slow the progresson of his cirrhosis? 

Are there any liver cirrhosis patients reading this posting?  Do you have anything to add to this response? Are you waiting on a transplant?