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I have been taking suboxone on and off for a few months. First I would take 8mg and would get high off it , that was something I would do once or twice a week. Maybe one day I week I will do 80mg Oxycontin, but when I dont do any oxy I feel a little sick SO I would take like a quarter of an 8mg suboxone. Id say Ive been doin about 12mg of Suboxone a week and 80mg of Oxycontin a week. I have 30 MG's of Suboxone left. I want to ween myself off of this. How long will my withdraweles be and and how should I do it. Usually I take 2 mg in the morn and by nightitme I feel kinda crappy. Im just worried about that day when I dont have any suboxones left.. How long will I be sick I plan on taking xanex or any benzo to help with the edge. How long will I be sick. Im in the military I leave in a few months. I cant be sick longer a week or so. Help me


get off subs very very slowly.... cut to 1mg in morning then 1/2...then 1/2 evry other day for a week... then 1/4 evry other day..

then 1/4 every three days ect..... save a couple for emergrnecy in case you get ill on day three or 4 off of them