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Hello Everyone out There,

I really was wondering if anyone had advice on how to cure this painful disease. I haven't been able to do any of my daily activities for over a month now. I would really appreciate any kind of feedback. For a couple weeks or so, I've been seeing the DOC and it's way to expensive. Cortisone shots and custom orthotics aren't doing the trick. I found healthatpain on the internet and was hoping one of their products might work. Ill definitely let everyone no if this product works. I wish more people would give valuable advise on this site. Thanks and good luck.



YOu have to understand that this is something that does not heal fast. It may take between three months and a year for heel spurs to heal.

What helped me during the day were those shoe inserts during the day and night splints in the night time. That helped lessen the pain throughout the day.

I feared cortisone injections due to their awful side effects, so I stuck to applying ice, doing the stretches and taking anti-inflammatories. It took a bit over three months to get rid of. I suppose I was lucky, a friend of mine had to have a surgery to correct it.