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Youth, get a grip... being in an abusive relationship sucks. Weed can have a very negative effect, also it seems to offer just a little bit more connection to fantasy (games used to be books b4 playstaions..) or porn, couple this with the extra release of dophinmine at climax and its easy to get sucked in.

How'd know these guys aren't porn addicts? Tbh in a slipped into the weed, porn, games but stopped, giving up porn is first, cut down on weed or stop.

I'm honest to tell you when I get smashed ealry doors or even just a wake and bake, I'm only motivated to have a wank tbh, then im chilled out to chilled to give a sh*t.. So what's the score? Does the masturbation go hand in hand (No pun) with stimulating the human cannabinoid system? I dont know, i have zero medical training, but i have 25 years pot smoking exp.

Cycle, smoke, wank, play video games until next bowl, repeat.. being there in my 20s and even a short time in my 30's.

Pot can lead to fantastic thing, but it can also lead to a life of a kinky, closed curtains, self centered, and aggressive defence, denial act.

Don't get me wrong weed is an amazingly valuable plant, but that dont mean it want have you like the the next drug if you abuse it.

I smoke, about 1/2 oz a week, well I did until yesterday, now in on a TBreak because too much for too long makes me very scary angry and completely out of control temper tantrums. You can argue that im this or that, but i been smoking 25 yrs, I've seen seedy crappy bush turn into spectacular the and terpene profiles, all good mate, outspent to much time with these ladies and they will steal your heart and mess with your mind. There is a reason they call it dope.

It's weed and its not that heavy and somtimes 72 hour break can change your life.

To be honest to all those suffering partners, it won't get any better until he does. It's sucks because with only a little practice pot is so easy to get control of. But initially its wicked to break the habit.

My advice.. Seriously is to talk to your other half about breaking using CBD oil to help. Radically you could suggest that they grow, but only high CBD / Low THC strains, may help with THC meltdowns. But beware enabling pothead to grow is a very dangerous route and its got to be a last resort, personally from a pot head and cannabis activist, if say that unless they are coming to you asking for help to change and showing strong will and sincerity, they probbably wont change.

Goodluck to those who are searching for help.



Same here , my husband is 48 we met when I was 14 , he has smoked daily since the age of 18 we have 3 children and now my middle son is using to .... slept in different rooms for 4 years ... my husband and son pass out in front room every night