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  I'm about to try a hypnotherapy for my mental illnesses, I have suffered withe depression and anxiety for most of my life, probably also ADHD or ADD when I was young as well as I had problems focusing, failing in school  several times and such. I was also told I have bi-polar diseease which made sence with my drastic mood sdwings back then at times. I started on phycological therapy when I became suicidal at age 24 and have been in and out of therapy ever since, when I feel  that im just not right, I call a therapist. I also have been on several types of anti-phycotic meds  that have also helped keep me stable. After all the years of therapy and then developing diabetes after 12 years of taking abilify, which, may or may not have been the cause, I stopped all medications due to the fear I was developing other medical problems with the long term effects and guess what? I lived the best feeling of my life for almost a year!! And since I was feeling so confident, but needed something to help me quit smoking, I talked to  a phyciatrist about attempting to use chantix, we both agreed it may be more harmful than good, but out of desperation and having tried ever other stop smoking aid to no avail, I went on it. By the time I got to the full dose,  I had a terrible nightmare and went back to half the dose. I stayed quit for almost 2 months on that 1/2 dose, and being my first attempt at quitting, after 42 yerars, I thought that was pretty good, but I had to come off the chantix completely due to some anger and anxiety issues.

  The anxiety was always there, but not to that extreme. And the anger I felt, I hadnt felt like that since I was in my 20's-early30's and im 55 now. So.. Of course with that done, my smoking urges came back 3 fold and along with a lot of anger. Im now back in therapy and on Tryazadone, more for helping me sleep, but states it also is for depression. Back to sqaure one again.

Now I want to try hypnotherapy to get my state of mind back to CALM. Once again, due to having been told I have onset of emphazyma, I have NO CHOICE!!!.  And from things I've read, it can reallly be benificial for anxiety, fybromialgia (which I also suffer from) and most importantly to help me quit smoking for good!! I'm a strong believer that the mind is a very powerful thing and can be taught almost anything if done proffessionally and with a competant dr. I feel very comfortable with my hypnotherapist and she says her success rate is almost 100 percent. She will also as part of her assistance, stay with if im ever feeling back to ill again for life, she pretty much said. Thats quite a gaurantee as far as Im concerned and a very confident remark. As far as the almost 100% goes, with any thing you always have that one person who isnt trying their 100 percent best or doesnt want to believe that their mind can be controlled through themselves. I personally have seen through the years of therapy and trying my best to better my life, that it is very possible. I am a totally different person now then I was when I was first diagnosed with these mental illnesses. Most people who dont know my history, I mention a little of my history to them and they are totally shocked at the fact that I was ever that ill, or had so many problems. But Im not obviously completely better as its slowly coming back to me not being well again.

  So my question here is,.... has anyone tried hypnotherapy for there mental illnesses with success? Ive already heard from others that it definatly helped with their stopping smoking, but wether or not they also suffered with mental illness while doing this is the unanswered question. She of course is going to address the emotional disorders on the first three sessions, then as it gets me to a calm relaxed state, then go onto stop smoking sessions. I feel its a good plan, but I would love to get the opinion of others who may have tried this. I do not want to fail again, so any advice would be great!!



Well I can help you out here! I did hypnotherapy for my depression I suffer from similar symptoms as you and actually I was a smoker too! The hypnotherapy I did was all about calming my mind down walking through my hall of life to see if there was anything I needed to deal with and then finding out what I wanted to accomplish in life. Once I saw that what I wanted in life was achievable I literally snapped out of it, it was amazing. Of course I still struggle but from that day I found I became aware of all the bad things I was doing to myself for instance my negative thinking and I began to change my though process. Before when I looked in the mirror all I saw was bad things and I pointed them all out now I smile and point out how beautiful I am even though really I haven't lost that must weight. Hypnotherapy was more like a guided meditation that made me see things clearly and everything started from that point and only months later I quit smoking on my own. Good luck! And make sure you get a trusted professional who is certified!