Hello. I’m also 130 pounds. And I’m also thirteen. I want you to be my bestie bc you LEGITLY have my life. I mean. I ALSO want to go to the beach and pool with my friends and family but I can’t because. Well. I’m fat. I went to a nutritionist and he said I’m healthy and shouldn’t be loose weight. WELL IM SORRY IF I DONT LIKE BEING THE FATTEST IN MY CLASS. but anyways. I tried everything. Diets. Exercises. EVERYTHING but I just can’t do anything. My arms are very wide for my age and weight and my doctors and mom say it’s genetics. And I know it is. But I feel like if I was skinnier my arms might slim down too. Or people would at LEAST BELIEVE me when I say it’s genetics. If you find anything PLZ TELL ME. Zane maybe we can help each other idk? I just thought since you just described my life in your paragraph. And since we seem to have the same problem and are the ANS e age. I thought we can help Escher. I really want to loose weight and really the only thing I can think of is stop eating in general but I don’t want to go down that road. So plz help me.