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I cant retract foreskin past the glans (head) It also hurts a little to do so even if flaccid.

Smegma is also present.. is there a way to get rid of it?

Also, is it necessary for the foreskin to be retracted during urination?

How do we wash the glans? With warm h20? Soap?

Thanks! =)


mine wont retract when erect yet, but im working on it, the important thing is to be bale to get it retracted when flacid, when i was 12 or 13 i grew the balls to tell my mum, she took me to a doctor and after sme embarrasing check ups he gave me this cream which thined my foreskin, i didnt use it enough to do it during erection though (whih i now regret)

but yea dont worry about smegma, when you are able to retract while flacid just let the water form the shower run over it and itl come off, use soap to to keep it clean (thats what i do anyways)

and ive heard on a sight that you need to pul the foreskin back a little so that the urine doesnt go underneath it to prevent diseases, so ive started doing that recently to, i dont retract it ver the head while urinating just away form the hole (not sure what its caled)

Hope this helps!!!!!


Hi nobodyboy, What about your foreskin right now?


Hi Nobodyboy:

If it hurts to retract your foreskin, that is a sign that it is a bit tight and you need to do some stretching.

Smegma can usually be washed away with warm water. If it is caked on and hardened, then soak it with olive oil inside your foreskin for a day or two to soften it and then it should wash off easily.

It is NOT necessary to retract the foreskin during urination, but you may do so if you want to. Some guys don't retract and some guys do retract.

The glans is covered with mucosal membrane (mucosa) not skin. When washing the glans, it is best to avoid soap because it can be irritating and it will dry the oils out of the mucosa.