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Soooo I am almost fifteen in two weeks I've been to the doctor before about having a certain p***y area, she helped by prescribing medicine 

it helped however it came back more or less after a few day that was a year ago saw the nurse she wasn't very observant at all she baud icky said there was no hole it's pubic hair 

she really is not that observant 

you can clearly see the hole now and now I have three p***y holes on my tips of you know what I don't have any boyfriends thank goodness I just went to Panama and my mom thought it was sand however a few hours ago there were no scabs over my boobs and now I have scabs 

I have body issues the doctor said I have a closed milk dud 

umm I'm fourteen not pregnant just got my period November 




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Your post makes no sense to me. Does your breast look a p***y? That IS weird. The doctor gave you medicine for a "certain p***y area"? How many p***y areas do you have? What is "baud icky"? What is three p***y holes on your tips of you know what? I can't even guess at what you mean by "you know what". You got scabs over your boobs in Panama? A closed "milk dud"? Where I live a milk dud is a marble sized ball of candy covered with chocolate.

Maybe you should try again after you wake up.