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This morning, you know when you wake up in the morning with an erection? I woke up with an erection this morning and my penis was sitting upwards, and i was feeling a strange pain in my testicles, it's been an hour or so, but the pain feels like it's trying to go away, but it still comes back a bit. I'm worried that i may have torsion of the testicle or that i was sleeping wrong or something and it just irritated my teaticles or something and it will go away eventually. It also feels like it tries to go away when i walk around, but it's still there.

And last year in November, i already went to the doctor twice for a similar problem with my testicles, but he couldn't find anything wrong with me, but this time, it feels different from then.


I'm the original owner of the post. And i just want to add that the last time i went to the doctor for my testicles, the doctor said that i should get a jockstrap, but didn't get one, and i told my aunt about it, and she doesn't believe that it's torsion of the testicle, she thinks it could be how I'm laying in my sleep. But I'm really not sure. Because the feeling is around my groin area near my testicles, but not directly in the testical area, but I'm not sure if i slept the wrong way, or if i actually have it a torsion.